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Commercial insurance leads for agents


The Best Insurance Leads of 2019 Reviews on Life, Health, Auto, and Home Insurance Leads For Sale

Generating insurance leads can play a big role in your success as an insurance agent, especially if you are working independently. We reviewed the top lead generation companies on the market today to find which ones are the best for closing a sale. We took into consideration the cost per lead, the quality of the lead, the number of leads generated and more to make sure you would end up with the best insurance leads to increase your business.

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Insurance agents understand the importance of developing a local clientele. Leads from your local area are more likely to convert to new policy sales. All Web Leads offers agents both traditional and livewire transfer leads and a 100 percent guaranteed contact rate. That’s why the company has earned Cube Reviews’ #1 spot.

AWL sells only pre-qualified leads to improve your contact and close rates. Choose from a large selection of leads if you sell multiple lines.

Lead Types Offered

InsuranceQuotes (IQ) is one of the largest insurance leads providers in the country. The Agent portal (Agent Gateway) is easy to use. Most agents start using it right away to target and screen new insurance leads. The performance-based pricing model can save you money. InsuranceQuotes’ mobile app simplifies the task of managing leads on the road, at home, or in the office.

InsuranceQuotes entered the lead market in April 2015. According to the company, the IQ Agent portal was designed to match insurance lead buyers with qualified leads. Once you become an IQ client, you’re provided with self-serve management features to access the product lines and/or lead volume you need.

Lead Types Offered

Choose from carrier-exclusive leads (no more than 5 agents receive the leads), premium, and standard lead packages. Ask your InsuranceQuotes rep for demo access to learn more about how to target the insurance needs your business needs to grow.

InsuranceLeads was created to help insurance agents and brokers get better results. If your agency’s goals include selling more policies or executing a more efficient and effective sales strategy, InsuranceLeads offers 24/7 account access, high call-close potentials, no minimum purchase or contract, fast and fresh leads, customer service, target filters, and return policy.

Lead Types Offered

*Health insurance leads may be filtered by geography, minimum/maximum age, insured/not currently insured, self-employed/not self-employed, minimum/maximum BMI, tobacco use, pregnancy, etc.

NetQuote has been in the insurance lead generation business for more than 25 years. NetQuote database can match the insurance agent with more than a million insurance product prospects/month. NetQuote’s new mobile app makes it easy to manage leads anywhere with no contracts.

NetQuote uses a performance-based pricing model to save your agency money. Because NetQuote uses proprietary software, it’s able to offer more self-generated and higher-quality insurance leads for agents than the competition.

Lead Types Offered

The AgentInsider site is easy to navigate and user-friendly. If you have questions, AgentInsider’s customer support team is available by phone.

After filling out the agent form, you’ll receive a fast callback from an AgentInsider rep during work hours or the next business day if you request contact after business hours. Provide your state license number, and AgentInsider arranges an account management page through their portal on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Lead Types Offered

How Insurance Leads Work

There are many different ways to generate insurance leads today. There’s telemarketing, direct mail marketing, traditional advertising and traditional lead generation. With an online insurance lead, agents can quickly build up their client base and increase their profits year after year.

When it comes to buying leads, there are three main types of leads to choose from. They are shared, exclusive and live transfer.

With shared leads, each lead (whether life insurance leads, auto insurance leads, health insurance leads, etc.) are sold to more than one insurance agent or company. Each agent pays for the leads and then has to work hard to close the deal and gain the customer. To be successful with shared insurance leads, you need to be both a good salesman and quick to make the sale.

Exclusive leads are the exact opposite of shared leads. When you purchase exclusive insurance leads you are buying the right to be the only insurance agent to receive that person’s contact information. You are the only agent that will contact that lead, which makes it a lot easier to close the deal. The only downfall is that you also pay a lot more for these types of leads.

Finally, there are live transfer leads. These leads are the diamond of insurance leads. By the time you receive a live transfer lead, half the work has been done for you. This lead is exactly like it sounds. A person who is interested in buying your product, say that’s car insurance, talks to a customer representative who verifies their authenticity and desire to purchase and then they transfer that customer directly to you via the telephone. All you have to do is tell them about your product and close the deal.

Tips for Buying Online Insurance Leads

Now that you know a little bit about how insurance leads work, here are a few tips to help you buy insurance leads for the first time. Before you sign up with a lead company, here are a few things to consider.

We’ve spent many hours researching insurance lead companies to make sure you would be able to find the best health insurance lead company to meet your needs. But, before selecting any name from the market, take a minute to check out our insurance leads reviews to learn more about what each service has to offer. Once you’ve decided on a service, click the “GET LEADS NOW!” button to sign up and start generating more sales today.