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Cheap Car Insurance in Hartford, Connecticut

Find cheap car insurance in Hartford, the capital of Connecticut as well as the Insurance Capital of the World. Located on the Connecticut River that separates it from the neighboring town of East Hartford, Hartford is home to a number of large insurance companies – and insurance is the region’s major industry. Founded in 1635, the historic city boasts the oldest continuously operating newspaper in the U.S., is home to the country’s oldest public art museum and oldest publicly funded park. Approximately 124,000 residents live within Hartford’s 18 square miles. The city has been the home of notables such as author Noah Webster, American financier J.P. Morgan and writer Mark Twain.

Driving Conditions in Hartford

Hartford’s traffic congestion has been attributed to a large suburban population – nearly 10 times that of the city itself. Interstate 84, which is often clogged during rush hours, intersects with Interstate 91 in downtown Hartford. A connector known as the Conlin–Whitehead Highway connects I-91 to the Capitol Area of downtown.

For a city its size, Hartford fares better than other Connecticut cities for its commuting experience, according to a ranked list of worst commutes in Connecticut, which took into account car insurance premium, commute times and gas prices in various cities. Hartford’s average commute time is 21.6 minutes, four minutes shorter than the national average. For real-time traffic information, road construction and maps, visit

Unique Laws in Hartford

Hartford has in place an ordinance prohibiting loitering, which is defined as “standing around, moving slowly about, spending time idly, sauntering, delaying, lingering or lagging behind” on streets, sidewalks, crosswalks or other public areas.

Effective Oct. 1, 2017, Connecticut gives civil and criminal immunity to any good samaritans who break a window to remove a child inside a hot car or otherwise in danger in a vehicle. Another new state law going into effect this year allows visitors to leave state parks with mushrooms they’ve picked there.

The practice of branding cattle actually originated in Connecticut — after a law was passed requiring farmers to mark their pigs. Connecticut laws state it’s illegal for cyclists to travel in excess of 65 mph, or for anyone to throw a used razor blade in the trash. Sensibly enough, town records are forbidden to be kept where liquor is sold. Also in Connecticut, it’s illegal to hunt from a car, according to a list of odd laws collected by Kupper Automotive, and it’s also illegal to shoot whales from your car.

Hartford Crime Statistics

FBI statistics compiled for 2016 show 1,353 violent crimes in Hartford, 11 of which were murder or manslaughter. The local violent crime rate of 1,093 offenses per 100,000 residents is nearly three times the average U.S. violent crime rate of 386 per 100,000.

The property crime rate in Hartford is also higher than average at 4,200 per 100,000 residents, compared to the national average of 2,451 offenses per 100,000 residents. Within the city, 773 vehicles were stolen in 2016, FBI data shows, a rate of 625 per 100,000 residents, nearly three times the national average of 236 incidents per 100,000 people that same year.

Hartford Safety Requirements

Drivers and all passengers are required to wear a seat belt, according to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, and failure to do so could result in a $75 fine. State law requires children under 16 be restrained child restrained in a safety seat or belt and children under one year must ride rear facing. Children under 60 pounds must ride in a booster seat. Handheld cellphones are banned for drivers even when the car is stopped at signals. Also, Connecticut law requires continuous insurance coverage on any registered vehicle. If you fail to maintain insurance, the insurance company will send a report of cancellation to the DMV, which will notify you of a violation.

Hartford Impaired Driving Laws

In Connecticut, like most other states, a driver is considered legally intoxicated with a BAC of .08 or higher. For those under 21 years old, the legal limit is .02 or higher. Regardless of age, if you refuse to take a test, your operator’s license will be suspended for at least 45 days, the Connecticut DMV states. You will be required to install and maintain an ignition interlock device, or IID, as a condition of reinstatement. The IID will be required for at least one year or possibly more, depending on the number of prior offenses. These penalties also apply to a first conviction. Regardless of your situation, it’s possible to find cheap car insurance in Hartford, contact us for rate comparisons.

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